When Will The Ranch Season 2 Be on Netflix? Part 3?

Netflix is a movie streaming and television show website that charges members a monthly fee for access to their collection of television shows and movies. Netflix started off as a website that mailed DVDs to members. Now Netflix is doing much more. Netflix is even producing and streaming original shows that are created by themselves. Not only are they producing good shows, they are also producing good movies. One of the best shows that Netflix has produced is The Ranch.

The ranch is a show that shows viewers the lives of a few people in a small ranch in Colorado. The Ranch is a comedy and features actors such as Ashton Kutcher. The first season of the ranch was split into two parts, part one contained ten episodes, as did part two. Netflix has already announced that they will begin the production of a second season as soon as possible. Fans of the ranch will be getting a second season of the show so get ready. There is a method that can be used to determine the approximate release date of new episodes of Netflix shows. This method will answer the question of “when will The Ranch season 2 be on Netflix?”

When Will The Ranch Season 2 Be on Netflix?

If you watch The Ranch on Netflix you already know that there are two parts to season one. Part one and part two are already on Netflix and this confuses people. Some people may believe that there will be a part three to The Ranch, although this is technically true, part three of the ranch will just be incorporated into season two of the ranch. Season two of the ranch is already slated to be released some time in 2017. This means that we are more than likely less than a year away from getting new episodes of The Ranch on Netflix. The Ranch originally started streaming in April, 2016 this means that season two of The Ranch will likely begin streaming around March or April, 2017. Comment below if you are ready for season two part three of The Ranch on Netflix!

158 thoughts on “When Will The Ranch Season 2 Be on Netflix? Part 3?

    1. The Ranch biggest fan

      I totally agree, I already blew through all 10 episodes on part 2! I’m ready for 3 now. But wow, that last part on part two episode 10, now that was serious.

      1. A Badger

        Growing up in a small town, it’s hard to take a washed up small town golden boy past his prime getting a nearly high school age girl knocked up ‘seriously’. Common, sure, but really now

    2. Lisa Amorim

      Yes ASAP, my husband and I Love it!
      It’s funny, and serious at the same time. I like how they included Fez from 70’s also… its turning out to be a show that is definitely got you saying nooo it’s over… Can’t wait for part 3.

    3. Bonnie Oehler


    4. Anthony cundiff

      Best show ever i got 3 boys nephew hell mu mom an dad love it too,hope it continues on for a long time,can’t wait.

    5. Kim

      Carlos and I just finished watching the last episode of the ranch and longmire.
      Then Netflix and chill
      Kim Ramirez

    6. Joshua Burdette

      Love the show, I don’t believe I’ve watched a show in recent history with such great casting, acting, and writing. Please hurry with new episodes!!

    7. Patti W

      This is one of the best shows I have seen ever!!!!! I became so addicted it was three nights of very late nights and sleep deprived workdays. Oh so worth it!!!!!! I am going to tell everyone I know about this show!!!! Each of the Charaters are just superb!!!! The only downfall of this entire series is waiting for the new release date of the next ten episodes!!!!! Way to go Netflex!!!! You’re blowing away the major networks!!!!!

      1. Patti W

        This is one of the best shows I have seen ever!!!!! I became so addicted it was three nights of very late nights and sleep deprived workdays. Oh so worth it!!!!!! I am going to tell everyone I know about this show!!!! Each of the Characters
        are just superb!!!! The only downfall of this entire series is waiting for the new release date of the next ten episodes!!!!! Way to go Netflex!!!! You’re blowing away the major networks!!!!!

  1. Brent Laverentz

    WTH!!! Can’t end part 2 like that!!! Netflix did an awsome job The Ranch. It’s dysfunctional just like a real family…my family. Lol I hope it goes 10 seasons +

  2. Julie Mook

    Love, love, love this show! The humor is like no other show I’ve watched! The writers definitely know what they are doing. Can’t wait for Season 3.

  3. Gary Luhman

    Everyone in the whole family loves this show we are so ready for season 3,hope it comes out soon this show is the great.

  4. Danny Sobecki

    We’re ready for more of the Ranch. You need to make them hour long instead of 30 minutes.

  5. Ninavera

    Cmon now netflix. Haha. When’s part 3 coming? I’m highly addicted. Too good of a show not to be making episodes like crazy!

  6. Rich

    I never watch sitcoms but this one is impressive. Great writing, performances and direction. Keep em comin!

  7. Wanda Butler

    WHAT??? I need to know when season 3 is coming out. I am so hooked on this show…it’s awesome and very funny. Good work Netflix

  8. Stephanie Masanz

    Just learned about this show. I watched part 1 and 2 on my 2 day mini vacation. I’m so anxious for part 3! I can’t wait!

  9. Heather

    One of the best shows I’ve watched. Funny, so real, some of the words I though only my husband said lol

  10. Charisa Marshall

    Part 3 NEEDS to come out ASAP!! Love Love LOVE this show!! Wish I could meet the whole cast… Seriously would be a dream come true!! <3

  11. Yuren Suarez

    I dont watch a lot of sitcoms, and I’m not a big fan of Ashton Kutcher. But i really liked this onen and now i have a 2nd opinion of A. Kutcher. I’m ready for season 2. Can’t get enough of this show. Hope it gets here soon.

  12. kayleigh

    Out of boredom one day i came across the ranch on Netflix and thought I’d check it out! It only took me a few days of binge watching it before i was done both part 1 and 2 i couldn’t stop watching it, I love this show and also wonder who will be next to appear from that 70’s show (if there will be someone else), I’m really hoping that part 3 comes out sooner than later but I can tell since in the last episode they were celebrating Christmas that it won’t be till the new year!…. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! 🙂

  13. David Batkin

    Can’t wait for season 2 part 1. What an awesome show. Season 2 will hopefully have all the laughs with I think some heartbreaking scenes so that viewers will laugh and cry in one screening.

  14. Bea Chisholm

    Love The Ranch !! Can’t wait for more episodes, my husband belly laughs because it is so good and true !!! We have these “True real life ” characters in our family !! Please bring us more !! Great Job Netflix !!

  15. Nita Jo

    The 70s show all grown up. Best series since. Makes some sense of how the real world really is. Can’t wait for part 3 and 4 etc. Funny and down to earth. Sam and Debra bring dramatic acting to a Ashton and Danny sitcom Wow.

  16. Laura Duttweiler

    This is a delightful show; the witty dialog, great music choices and stellar cast! Excited to see Season 2!

  17. Kelly Gault

    OMG, poor Colt….Just when things start going good for him and Abby. I LOVE THIS SHOW…CAN’T WAIT FOR PART 3

  18. Tiffany

    I came across this show bored one night. After the first couple episodes I realized how close it hit home in so many ways, it kind of reminds me of my family a bit, haha! I definitely cannot wait for season 3!

  19. Scott Hall

    This is, without doubt, one of the best shows that I have ever watched. I was hooked from Ep. 1. The lives of these characters are so believable. Everything about the show makes the viewer want more. Keep up the great work Netflix!!!

  20. Carren

    Love the show! Recommended by our son. Blew through all episodes of part 1 & 2 only to be disappointed that part 3 isn’t here yet. Please, don’t keep us hanging….we might forget all together😢

  21. Diana

    My husband and I love the show. Can’t wait for Season 2 Part 3. CAN’T believe we are left hanging like that until April. I love the funny, dysfunctional, and serious real life situations in the show. Best show ever!!!!!

  22. Betty J Wiseman

    watch 18 of 20 episodes late one night and the other 2 early that morning. Now I’m hooked can’t wait to see the next 10 or 20 episodes. yeah Netflix this is a really good one.


  23. Reese's pieces

    Need season two part 3, the show hits home and it’s funny as heck, I need to sit and watch it with my squirrel.

  24. Roxanne

    I need the next 10… it is delightful, and I rarely watch tv!
    I am hooked. Funny, sad, rye, and thought provoking. I need more!

  25. Rolyn

    My husband and I have already watched all episodes twice.
    We are soo ready for the next series. Absolutely LOVE this show!!! Hurry please!

  26. MOJO

    My wife and I have already watched all episodes twice.
    We too are ready for the next series.
    We Absolutely LOVE this show!!!
    Hurry please!

  27. Brittany Castner

    Best show of the decade! Hilarious completly real life nd relatable! I love comedy shows but your always thinking “this would never happen real life.” well the Ranch IS REAL LIFE! This is how act, speak, live, and fight on the ranch! rewatched twp parts at least 6 times each!

  28. Jen

    That was awesome, just got done with all episodes. Can’t wait for the next part. Need to see what happens, I hope it doesn’t break colt and Abby up, they are so cute.

  29. Jeffrey J Abell

    We love this show and as if we are hungry we are starving for more. We were watching this as if it didn’t end! Cannot wait for more!

  30. Jennipher

    Please please dont leave us hanging netflix bring our favorite ranching guys back on fpr season 2 part 3 sooner than later

  31. Howard Russell Chambers

    Guys I am so ready for season 2 one of the best tv shows in a long time I believe and I can’t wait for next season keep it up Netflix you guys do amazing flim work!!

  32. Tasha V

    The Most Enjoyable TV show my significant other and I have seen in a very long time!!! We have been recommending it to all of our family and friends. This has given us something to look forward to watching together!

  33. Daniel Morgan

    Found this show early this year and absolutely hooked and have everyone I know watching and talking to, absolutely THE BEST! Real life, funny as hell show ever produced. Being from a ranch family in Wyoming it is a show taken strait out of our everyday lives, this is sooo our family…all of us can’t wait for the next season. HURRY! And great job Netflix

  34. Clint Broer

    Best Damn Comedy Of ALL TIME!!! The writing of the show has been superb. I love the dry humor and one-liners. The cast is perfect. Every show leaves me wanting to see another one. This show ranks in my top favorite shows of all time. Right up there with Sons Of Anarchy. It’s meant in terms of how well written and gripping it enthralls you. Please tell me this show will be on for years! Is there an expected number of years if it continues to be loved as much as it has been?

  35. Phil

    I’ll tell you this Netflix ! You have a fantastic show , The Ranch ! I’m waiting for season whatever !! The three networks should wish they had such a hit on their roster ! Keep it up Netflix ! Your my tv now !

  36. Paula Henry

    Ahh… Just watched last available episode…. Loving this show…..can’t wait for more…. Hurry up guys!

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  38. chris

    yes ready! By far one of the best sit-coms around needs to be picked up as a show, not just a pilot type beta test. get with it Netflix or lose it to HBO

  39. Epic Ranch Viewer

    This was a great show, one of the best i have seen in a very long time. this show reminds me of a combination between ‘That 70’s Show’ and ‘Roseanne’ back in the day. Funny, romantic, serious, and overall a compelling show that intrigues the mind and pulls you into the story. While watching this i felt as if i was in the show, that is how much this show relates to real lives and I NEED more. This show is a total addiction, a part of live (at least it feels that way). Please make another season or a few seasons, this show will be a great show for years to come. this show is why I have Netflix. If Netflix does not make a new season, I will have no reason to stay a subscriber. Please, please make another season Netflix!

  40. Rick Lush

    Watched all the episodes over the course of 3 nights. Love it…but you can get rid of the laugh track, we’re smart enough to know when a joke is told.

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