When Will The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Be on Netflix?

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There are a number of different websites out there that allow users to stream movies and television shows online. The most popular of these sites is Netflix. Netflix gives its members access to a massive collection of shows and movies, all for one small monthly fee. Most people enjoy the television show aspect of Netflix as it provides hours of entertainment. One of the more popular shows on Netflix is The Vampire Diaries.

When Will The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Be on Netflix?
The Vampire Diaries is a fantasy show that originally aired on The CW. The Vampire Diaries is a show about a young girl who falls in love with two ancient vampires. The two vampires are brothers and often fight over the young girl. This show is packed with drama and action. There are currently seven seasons of The Vampire Diaries streaming on Netflix. Fans of the show The Vampire Diaries have access to seasons one though seven. These seven seasons provide fans with well over one hundred episodes of content. Fans also have access to seasons one and two of the show The Originals, which is a spin off of The Vampire Diaries. Season eight of The Vampire Diaries will start making its way out on The CW. Season eight will premier on October 21st 2016. Once it premiers, fans will be interested in seeing episodes from season eight on Netflix. This brings up the big question, “When will season 8 of The Vampire Diaries be on Netflix?”

When Will The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Be on Netflix?

The Vampire Diaries is a show that originally aired on The CW, now it is streaming on Netflix. However, only seasons one through seven are streaming on Netflix. There is also a spin of show called The originals. The Originals has two seasons streaming. Season eight of The Vampire Diaries is scheduled to make its premier on The CW on October 21st 2016. Using this date, we can find out the approximate release date for The Vampire Diaries season 8 on Netflix. By comparing the premier date of past seasons of the show and comparing them to the release dates on Netflix we have found that, on average, it takes a little less than twelve months after the premier date on The CW, for new seasons of The Vampire Diaries to be on Netflix. Since the premier date of season eight is the 21st of October 2016, we can figure that the release date of The Vampire Diaries season 8 will be on Netflix in mid October 2017. Comment below if you are ready to see new episodes of The Vampire Diaries on Netflix ASAP!


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  1. I am in love with the vampire diaries and I love the scenes of Elena and Damen. And I can’t wait for another year to see it I am obsessed with Netflix and that’s my favorite show because it has romance,action,drama,fantasy,and j just love it all so please think about putting it on earlier.

    1. Omg I just looked on Netfkix and season 8 isn’t there I’m so anxious to watch season 8 because, Spoiler Alert, Elena comes back

      1. Omg! Yes im so glad she comes back!
        Hopefully shes the same and is not crazy or forgot everything. i dont want bonnie to die so she can come back i wish they could just both be alive together at the same time….i know nothing about season 8 hopefully everything goes perfect…. And vampire diaries is ths best i wish there were more seasons to come!

    2. I’m obsessed with The Vampire Diaries. Unfortunately I don’t get to watch it when it came out on the CW so that’s why I’m waiting for it to be on Netflix. I really hope that it will come out sooner on Netflix because not many people have access to watching it on the CW so I really hope that it will come on Netflix sooner!

  2. Hi my name is Devron I am 12 years old I love the vampire diries I would like it if you guys get season 8 very soon

  3. If I have to wait a whole year to watch this season of TVD. IM DONE WITH NETFLIX AND THE CW. JS Hulu was faster than Netflix.

  4. WOW!! I definately wanted season 8 of The Vampire Diaries to appear on Netflix really soon after the season is over. I don’t have cable?

  5. My friends in US are currently watching vampire diaries season 8 on Netflix already. They have tried to help me to be able to access the series but still to no avail. It hurts to see their posts and updates on social media about the episodes and din get to watch in Netflix Singapore. Please air Season 8 in Netflix asap. Please. ??

  6. I want to watch season eight on Netflix like now… I love this show.. I have binge watched it from season one to season seven, I watch it everyday.. And I’m going to be lost without it.. Please I need it in Netflix ASAP….

  7. I am addicted to vampire diaries.. I have binge watched from season one to seven.. I need season eight on Netflix LIKE TODAY… . Please I need it..I’M LOST WITHOUT IT… NEED ASAP…

  8. Why do we have to wait almost a year to watch the season 8 Of vampire diaries?! Why can’t it be sooner !
    Please please release season eight soon!
    Some of us don’t have the privilege to watch the show on CW and we can only watch it on our free time on Netflix.

  9. I love the TVD and I really really want to see season 8. Please put it on Netflix, because October 2017 is a hole year from now.

  10. I love vampire diaries I have watched it 5times and I don’t really like Bonnie so I don’t care if she lives or dies and can you please put it on sooner please

  11. I love TVD and I don’t want to wait a whole year to see season 8 and I totally think they should pick up the series from the CW .I’m not ready to let go of that series yet. If Elena doesn’t come back they could kill her off and let Damon find a new true love.

  12. I am really gonna miss vampire diaries I almost finish watching season 7 so please put season eight on Netflix sooner I’m waiting for elena to come back I miss her .please don’t wait for that whole time” October 2017″ I really want season eight come out sooner maybe in January I can’t wait until October it’s too long from now.

  13. OMG, I have to wait a whole YEAR for season 8!? I’ve now watched all of them up to season 7 on Netflix and am currently watching the originals on Netflix which follows the story of the original vampires since they left Mystic Falls there’s only 3 seasons though 🙁
    I am so obsessed with the Vampire Diaries, I’m buying Elena’s necklace and her daylight ring, and i just love Elena and Damon together, Damon is epic but Stefan is cool too, please please PLEASE try and add season 8 sooner I was sooooooo annoyed when I found out it would take a whole YEAR I even waited ages for season 7 and as soon as I discovered it was on i watched them all in 3 days, I NEED SEASON 8 ASAP!!!!!

  14. Netflix needs to add season 8 of The Vampire Diaries before October 2017. I am literally dying to see it. I’ve watched all 7 seasons on Netflix literally 9 times. I am OBSESSED with Vampire Dairies and I need to see Damon.

  15. I just finished all the season’s on netflix i can’t wait till October!!! But I am checking out the originals to see if it will help pass the time witch I’m sure is going to feel like FOREVER.

  16. I love The Vampire Diaries I hope there will be more the just a season 8.. I thinking 9 more seasons, I have some ideas that will help keep the Vampire going to 9 or more..

  17. I loooove vampire diaries ???. I think there should me more than eight seasons and also for season eight to come out sooner please make there be more than eight seasons I don’t want it to end please

  18. If be nice to see Season 8 waaay before October of next year…. Like WTH!!! Its bad enough its the last season but to wait till next October! That’s ridiculous!!!! Bring it to Netflix earlier please and thank you!!!!

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