When Will The Walking Dead Season 6 Be Available On Netflix?

Netflix is a service that offers its members access to hundreds of TV shows and movies for a low monthly fee. Netflix offers a number of popular television shows for members to view. Titles range from The Walking Dead, to Bates Motel. New Seasons of these shows are usually released on Netflix.

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The Walking Dead is one of the most popular television shows ever to be aired on AMC. The show is about a post apocalyptic world in which a group of survivors must fight off zombies as well as other people in order to survive in the ruthless world. The show is full of action, drama and suspense. The show has created a huge following of fans who watch every new episode every Sunday night. Season six of the walking dead just finished up in march of 2016. The question remains; “When will Season six of the Walking Dead come out on Netflix?” This question is dependent on a number of factors.

When Will The Walking Dead Season 6 Be Available On Netflix?

Season 6 of the walking dead premiered on AMC in October of 2015. The show raked in millions as millions of viewers tuned in every Sunday night to see what happened next. When Season six of the walking dead concluded in April of 2016, some fans were disappointing with the ending. Season 7 of the walking dead however will answer any questions Walking Dead fans have about the end of season 6. Many fans want to know “When will the walking dead season six be available on Netflix?” This is a popular question because some fans may have missed a few episodes and they want to review what has occurred before season seven of the walking dead premieres. The answer to this question depends on when Netflix can afford the show. Netflix has to pay The Walking Dead to release a season of the show on Netflix. Typically it takes a number of months for the price of the show’s rights to become affordable for Netflix. I would expect season six of the walking dead to come out on Netflix sometime before season seven of the walking dead premiers on AMC. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to catch up on season 6 of the walking dead before season seven premiers. Just try not to binge watch the show too much when it comes out on Netflix.

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  1. May 25, 2016. 3:14 am…still no season 6. I got tired of waiting and watched the last 2 episodes of season 5…bad idea…left in a huge “what next”moment. Now I’m mad. COME ON NETFLIX!

  2. I just finished up season 5 of the walking dead on netflix amd i really want to see season 7 when will it be available on netflix???

  3. This is really frustrating…..I mean I have finished watching season 1-5 and everyone I know is already catched up on season 6 and I don’t know anything about it! Just hope Netflix gets it soon

  4. Get season 6!!! Pay AMC, we’ve waited long enough! Don’t make us pay another app to see it since you don’t have it!

    1. Why dont you just go to AMCs website and watch season 6… or better yet find a streaming website like thedaretelly.com

  5. Typically, TWD arrives on Netflix about a month after the release of the DVD. DVD’s usually release in August so expect season 6 to be on Netflix in September (probably mid to late).

  6. This is bullsh*t!!! I’m pretty sure Netflix is racking in money as it is, but the rate it’s going by not delivering the customers request, I can already see this company going down hill quickly. They BARELY update movies…and now TWD. Wow…I’d rather waste my money on actual cable than this.

  7. Why did netflix increase their fees? I went from paying $8.99 to $13.99 a month I was never told about the increase I just saw it on my bank statement. So I think they can afford TWD!!!

    1. Actually, Netflix sent out an email prior to the increase. I think it was also on the app when you loaded it as well, but can’t remember clearly.

  8. The only reason that I ordered Netflix was to watch TWD and Longmire. If you guys need some donations just put the word out. I’m sure some of us TWD fanatic s would probably try to help. Get season out to Netflix NOW!!!?!

  9. Hey everyone!! I know it’s frustrating waiting for the walking dead season 6 to come into netflix. Matter of fact I’m watching twd season 2 episode 7 right now and I remember when I finished season 5. Help I finished it rather quickly but since then I have watched the whole show over and over and over again atleast 8 times. I know it’s a but drastic but it’s actually awesome so get it out and reply to me ur experience 🙂 hope this helps

    1. I do this every year. Watch the show from Season 1 Episode 1 until the end of the last season. I haven’t started this year because after season 6 finale I wanted to forget about TWD, but new season is around the corner and I’m coming back around, so c’mon Netflix I need season 6

  10. I know this for a fact that if they do bring season six of the walking dead to Netflix then it’s probably gonna be on there bout the same time they brought season five to Netflix last year and that was either late September or early october.

  11. Most comments say it will be in September ,,,,, BUT I CANT WAIT THAT LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. It’s Aug 15th 2016…still no walking dead. Like what’s the hold up its going on a year since they’ve updated anything for TWD.. I’m past aggravated, I’m over this!!

  13. To all my Walking Dead family it is very frustrating to me that season 6 isn’t on Netflix yet but have no fear season six is being aired on AMC starting at 3 20 a.m. Sunday morning if you don’t have cable stay the night at someone’s house that have cable to catch up on season 6

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