When Will The Walking Dead Season 7 Be On Netflix?

Netflix is a movie and television show streaming service that provides hundreds of movies and television shows for people to watch whenever they want. Some of the most popular television shows on Netflix include bates motel, the office, how I met your mother, and the walking dead.

There are currently six seasons of the walking dead on Netflix. With each season added, anticipation for the next season is increased. Walking dead fans were as impatient as ever waiting for season six. On our site alone we had plenty of impatient TWD fans commenting about the frustration of waiting to binge watch season 6 of the walking dead. You can look back at those comments by CLICKING HERE. Season six of the walking dead came out on Netflix in late 2016. Now the wait for season 7 of the walking dead begins. Interest in season seven of the walking dead on Netflix will begin as soon as fans miss episodes of the walking dead on A&E. They will turn to Netflix to catch up only to find that season seven of the walking dead is not on Netflix yet. But don’t worry it will be on Netflix eventually. The question is “when will season 7 of the Walking Dead be on Netflix?”

When Will The Walking Dead Season 7 Be On Netflix?

Season seven of the walking dead has premiered on A&E and fans of TWD have already begun to demand the show on Netflix. Fans of the walking dead will be looking for the show on Netflix as soon as they miss one episode on television. They will want to catch up on the episodes in season 7 that they miss. However, Netflix cannot possibly have season seven of the walking dead until season seven is over on A&E. Season seven of the walking dead is scheduled to wrap up some time around mid 2017. This means that we can expect season seven of the walking dead to be released on Netflix sometime in 2017. We have been keeping data on release dates and we have found that, most of the time, the newest season of the walking dead usually comes out on Netflix around 11 months after the season premier. This would put the Netflix release date of season seven of TWD around Sept. 2017. This could be a little off because season seven of the walking dead is going to be split into two mini seasons. Regardless of the scheduling of the show, TWD is going to be in high demand on Netflix and Netflix will do the best they can to get the show streaming as fast as possible. It seems like the walking dead is consistently trending on Netflix. Tens of Thousands of Netlfix users only have Netlfix so that they can catch up and watch seasons of the Walking Dead whenever they want. Now that season seven of the walking dead is being aired on AMC, fans are going to want to use Netflix to catch up on missed episodes, and review what happened in season six of the walking dead. Personally, I cannot wait for season seven of the walking dead to be on Netflix. I usually like to hold off on a show until it is streaming on Netflix so that I don’t have to wait a week between episodes. I am currently still watching season six and I am only a few episodes from the finale. I’m so ready to get season seven on Netflix and continue with the show.

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