When Will The Wonder Woman Movie Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a movie and television show streaming website that has grown tremendously since its early days as a small rental DVD mailing company. Today Netflix streams shows online right onto subscribers’ mobile devices. Netflix streams movies and shows of almost any genre anyone could ever dream of wanting to watch. In exchange for unlimited access to Netflix’s massive collection of content, subscribers agree to pay a small monthly fee. Although Netflix is known for it’s movies, it also streams a number of great television series’. Recently Netflix has  been working hard to produce some original films of their own. These are known as Netflix originals and are exclusive to Netflix. There are many movies that were filmed by third party studios/ producers that subscribers are going to want to see on Netflix. One such movie is Wonder Woman.  When Will The Wonder Woman Movie Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date? Wonder Woman was released in theaters on June 2nd 2017. Wonder Woman is a great watch for anyone who enjoys a good superhero movie full of action and drama. Wonder Woman generated an astounding $764.9 million in box office sales. According to some critics, this number may have solidified Wonder Woman as the biggest movie of summer 2017. With all the hype surrounding this movie, it is no surprise that nearly everyone in the country has heard about this movie. With an impressive 92% on Rotten Tomatoes this movie has earned its place in the hearts of viewers around the world. As Wonder Woman works its way out of theaters round the world, Netflix subscribers will begin asking the big question “when will the Wonder Woman be available on Netflix?” 

When Will The Wonder Woman Movie Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date? 

Wonder Woman has established itself as the movie of summer 2017. Despite being extremely popular, Wonder Woman has not been viewed by millions of potential viewers across the nation. Many of these potential viewers are Netflix subscribers. They have already begun asking the big question “when will Wonder Woman be streaming on Netflix?” To answer this question we must look at this from a business perspective. In order for Netflix to stream Wonder Woman online, they must purchase the rights to the movie from the producer. At the moment the rights to stream Wonder Woman are far to expensive for Netflix to justify making the purchase. However, as time goes by, the demand for Wonder Woman will drop slightly, resulting in a lower price to be paid for streaming rights. Eventually there will be a point where Netflix can justify buying the rights and streaming Wonder Woman, the question that remains is when will this happen. Unfortunately there is no way to determine an exact Netflix release date for Wonder Woman. Despite this, we can take a look at how movies similar to Wonder Woman found their way to Netflix. Most movies similar to Wonder Woman were released on Netflix within a year of their release in theaters. Based on this data, we can be fairly certain that Wonder Woman will be streaming on Netflix before July 2018. Comment below if you want to see Wonder Woman streaming on Netflix ASAP!



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