When Will The Worst Witch Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a movie and television show streaming website that began as a humble rental DVD mailing company. Since those early days, Netflix has grown to become a driving force in the movie and television show streaming industry. Netflix now offers its subscribers access to thousands of hours of content that ranges from almost any genre you could ever dream of wanting to watch. In exchange for unlimited access to Netflix’s massive collection of content, subscribers agree to pay a small monthly fee. Most of the television shows currently streaming on Netflix were originally aired on television. Despite this, Netflix has been working diligently to produce and stream some original shows of their own. These shows are known as Netflix original series. One of the newest Netflix original series is the show The Worst Witch.  When Will The Worst Witch Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date? The Worst Witch is a great watch for anyone who is interested in a family friendly television series. Although The Worst Witch was originally written and produced for children, viewers of any age can enjoy this easy watch. The Worst Witch tells the story of a group of young witches who attend a school for magic. The show is based off of the movie, “The Worst Witch”, that was released in 1986. This show is full of good lessons and interesting stories. Click the link to see the IMDb rating for The Worst Witch. There is currently only one season of The Worst Witch streaming on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up the single season of The Worst Witch on Netflix, they will begin asking the big question “when will The Worst Witch season 2 be on Netflix?”  Click the link to Watch The Worst Witch on Netflix!

When Will The Worst Witch Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date? 

The Worst Witch is a great family series that is bound to entertain audiences of all ages. There is currently only one season of The Worst Witch streaming on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up the first and only season of The Worst Witch, they will begin to anticipate the release of season 2. The question “when will The Worst Witch Season 2 be on Netflix?” will be asked. To answer this loaded question, we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the release of subsequent seasons of previous shows. If we can find a pattern in the data that Netflix has provided for us, we may just be able to predict a possible Netflix release date for The Worst Witch season 2. After conducting some thorough research, it has been found that there is typically a one year period of time between seasons of Netflix original series. Using this pattern we can approximate the Netflix release date for The Worst Witch season 2. The Worst Witch season 2 should be streaming on Netflix by July 2018. Comment below if you are excited to see The Worst Witch season 2 streaming on Netflix as soon as possible!  

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    1. Yeah like seriously I just find a great t.v show and now I have to wait 1 year for it like come on Netflix I might have to find I new t.v network that comes out with faster shows then Netflix!!!!!!

    2. What if we forget about it and we are stuck thinking why didn’t o watch that tv show. That will all be their fall and what if you lose a lot of viewers because of it.Why don’t you change it to about half a yerar the on full year that just sucks I’ve went through many tv shows waiting for new episodes.from sure of them and it just sucks that we all have to wait that long for the new episodes I get if we have to wait for the new making of the episodes. If not what is the point of all of it we want answers.

      1. You are 100% right completely agree with you, hope Netflix sees what you write and changes it to half a year wait cuz one year is way to long, probably forget all about the show in a year.

      2. if you add it to your netflix list if you use netflix to watch, it’ll tell you when series 2 comes out so even if you forget, they remind you. lol

    3. This is such a family fun show. Netflix reconsider your season 2 release date! Sooner is better!

      1. They said july 2018 omg i know hate waiting like the longer wait for fast and furious oh well teasers untill lol

    4. Yes I love the series of the worst witch but why is it coming out in 2018 instead of sooner

    5. I think you have a real winner for a great family show my suggestion to you would be to shoot 26 episodes and release the second 13 shows with a three month hiatus then reshoot 26 shows again however I know this depends on actor availablity and shooting schedules

    6. My seven-year-old daughter and I stumbled upon the show, and we have watched all 12 episodes…many more than once. We are itching for another season. July of 2018 is too long to wait–Netflix, please stream another season ASAP!

      1. i truely agree with u dear , i & my 2.5 years old son have watched the worst witch alll episodes again n agin n want to see it more n more , we can’t wait to see the season 2 aired sooon not that late plzzzzzzzzz Netflix so something n sir it now in 1 st dec

    7. Well, I know you have written this comment in July 2017, but I wrote this November 27, 2017. And it is really close to new years, but after new years, it will still be a long time till it streams. *sigh*

  1. Why does Netflix take so long between seasons on their shows they put out…. 1 year is a long time to wait for any next season to come out for a new show

    1. ummmm like 98% of all show have a year between premieres just seam longer because they put everything at once.

  2. Our family’s new favorite show! We watched the season finale and instantly restarted the season. Wish we didnt have to wait a whole year away! Why do long?! We need a new season asap!!!

  3. A year is insane, people loose interest when it’s a beginning TVseries. It’s not a famous movie series that people remember and wait for. Netflix needs to use their brains this is stupid.

    1. yeah am not suprised netflix always does this to us like am 10 years all my shows pac man trollhunters so many things i always wait for now the worst witch please bring it soon 1 year is too much

    2. Wow so many people live in another dimension then me, where shows don’t have a tendency to have a year between seasons. On planet earth it has worked like that for more then half a century. This is not new to Netflix, it take a year to film a show, netflix just decides to put it out ail at once.

  4. Loved this show sooooooo fun to watch a whole year is a long time to wait but it’ll definetly be worth it

  5. I am 48 yrs old and have always loved magic shows, come Bewitched to I dream of Jeannie, and Harry Potter, and now worstwitch. TO wait a very long year for season two, is a bit too long a wait!!!! please rethink and release a lot earlier! thanks, Wendy in San Diego,CA

  6. My daughter started watching The Worst Witch and oh my. Why did she have to get me into a show that just started. Please please let us know when the next season will be. The show is quite lovely to watch. Adorable. No pressure on the little actresses though. Yes we want the next season fast, but in all good time for them.

  7. I just loved this family friendly series, I will be watching it again but this time with my daughter. It sucks though to have to wait a year to see season 2.

  8. Hey everyone!
    I just finished the first season of The Worst Witch and found a 2015 adaptation of the series! It’s a little more cheesy with a slightly different storyline but if you are hankering for more witch-y shows here ya go!!

    (Episode 1 of the second season I bet the first season is likely to be nearby as well c: )

  9. I loved it…and I’m 65. I would have loved it at any stage of my life, it’s pure fun. Well written and well acted I’m looking forward to the next season…as are the younger members of my family. I have enjoyed many of the Netflix original series and been disappointed when many of them have been discontinued early on. I’m hoping that this one will continue on for many seasons.

  10. This was originally made by BBC which ran from 1998-2005 and can be found on DVD or on YouTube. Our Public Library has all the seasons of the worst witch, yours may as well. All Netflix did was remake the series, and I will say they did an excellent job of casting. All the characters actors look a lot like the original ones casted and they do a wonderful job with their characters. The original series though I did cast Tim Curry as the great wizard. It’s hard to beat him in that role. 🙂 I can’t wait for season 2. There was also a Worst Witches movie.

  11. Do people understand how tv shows are made? They have to finish writing each episode, go into pre-production, film each episode, and edit it before it can air, and they have to do that with however many episodes they plan on releasing all at once. They’re doing this with actual real people who have lives outside of the TV show as well. Many TV shows air once a year. Patience is a virtue.

  12. I definitely would like to see a season 2 of the worst witch I enjoyed watching the series with my five year old daughter

  13. I find a good show and I got to wait a year…. then why tf would u put it out
    Y’all better change that date to this year…..🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    1. Do you have any clue how fucking long it takes to make a season? No? Then stop your goddamn grumbling. You know the actors don’t live in the show, right? They’re children, they have school. Also it takes hours to film ten minutes. So once you start acting, you can complain about the wait times.

    2. Grow up.. Like 90% of TV shows air their seasons a year apart, it just feels longer because Netflix released all the episodes at once. If you truly love the show, respect the work that goes into it and the time it takes to get everything right

  14. I am looking forward to season 2. I understand why there is a long wait between seasons on Netflix but sooner but be better.

  15. I’m a grown woman and I love this show why is the wait so long .. that needs to b changed fr .. that wait is disrespectful man !!!

  16. It needs to come sooner than a year. It only had 12 episodes. My daughters started watching it and they were hooked. They had watched all of the episodes in just a few days and I started watching with them and I am hooked too. I want more episodes now!! 🙂

  17. My daughter and I loved this season! The downside of Netflix programming is bingeing the entire season in a short time. So instead of taking months to watch and wait months for the next season everyone sees a year. We are looking forward to Season 2

  18. Such a wonderful show, I watch it with my grandchildren and we love it! Can’t wait for season 2!!

  19. My Daughter and her friends looked forward to watching a few episodes every sleepover this summer. Now they area all bummed out because they have to wait 1 year for season 2.

  20. My children and I loved season 1 of The Worst Witch!! It was finally a show we could all enjoy together!! We are looking forward to Season 2!! Hoping for a quicker release than next year lol!!

  21. Why on July 2018?? I just finished the Season One and it’s my favorite show!!! I want the Season 2 NOW!!! Let’s hope it’s arrived on Dec 2017 or Jan 20 2018 , anyone want a season 2 now.

  22. I love this show and so does my whole family! I cannot wait for it to come back. Season 2 NOW please!!!

  23. I am so excited to see what happens in Season 2……I have to agree with some of the other commenters as to why does it have to take to so long for the next season to be released onto NetFlix! I understand that it does take time but why so much time??

  24. Sooner is better than later. I have really enjoyed this series. My granddaughter is mesmerized by the episodes she has seen.and is excited to view more. Hurry please!

  25. Waiting a year for season 2 to come back on. Waiting that long going to lose a lot of viewers and there won’t be a season 3. That’s why a lot of great shows are gone.

  26. what if we are stuck watching other show on Netflix like Stranger Things or Once Upon A Time? I’m on season 2
    of the show! I’m halfway done with season 2!

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