When Will Travelers Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is an awesome website that allows its members to access a massive collection of content ranging from movies, to television shows, to documentaries. Netflix has evolved a lot since its beginning as a DVD rental business. Now Netflix streams its movies and television shows right onto members computer, gaming system or mobile device all for a small monthly fee. Not only does Netflix stream movies and television shows from other producers. Netflix creates content of their own known as Netflix originals. Some popular Netflix originals include The OA, Stranger Things, and The Ranch. One of the newest shows to be added to Netflix is the show Travelers.

When Will Travelers Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
Travelers is a show that depicts an alternate future for humanity living on planet earth. The show is about a group of people who travel back in time to try to ward off a scary future that nobody wants to happen. The group tries to change the past, or the current time in the show, in order to create a brighter future for humanity. There is also a federal agent who tracks the group’s every move. Season one of Travelers was released on December 23rd, 2016. There is currently only one season of Travelers streaming on Netflix. As viewers finish the finale of Travelers season one, they will begin to wonder when Travelers season 2 will be on Netflix.

When Will Travelers Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date? 

There is currently only one season of Travelers streaming on Netflix. As Netflix members finish up the first season they will begin asking the question “when will travelers season 2 be on Netflix?” To answer this question we must take a look back at how Netflix handled the releases of other follow up seasons of Netflix Originals. In most cases, there is a gap of around eleven months between releases of Netflix original series’. Since Travelers is a Netlfix original show, we can suspect that Netflix will use approximately the same pattern when deciding when to release Travelers season 2. Being that the first season of travelers was released in late December 2016, we can infer that Netflix will put the release of season 2 at right around eleven months after this release date. This would make the Netflix release date for Travelers season 2 late November or early December 2016. Comment below if you want Travelers season 2 to be on Netflix as soon as possible!

How Much Did Eric McCormack Get Paid To Be in Travelers?

As fans of Travelers finish up season one they will be anticipating a second season of Travelers to be released on Netflix. It will be interesting to see how Netflix handles the production of a second season of Travelers. Fans of Travelers have many questions regarding the production of the show. One of the big questions currently being asked is “How much did Eric McCormack get paid to be in Travelers?” To answer this question to the exact dollar is nearly impossible unless you look at the check that McCormack received; however, we can approximate Erick McCormack’s income by looking at the popularity of Travelers as well as the average pay for a television show actor. The average television show actor receives anywhere between $50,000 and $500,000 to play a role in a show. Depending on the popularity of the show and the importance of the role, actors will receive little pay or a lot of pay. In McCormack’s case, he plays one of the leading roles. This means that he likely received over $150,000 to play the role of Grant, in season one of the Travelers. It is very likely that Grant will return in Season 2 of travelers. This means that Eric McCormack will likely get another big pay day by being a leading role in Travelers season 2.

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  1. Cool tv show and different from most other travelers shows where they go back in to future and take live people bodies and their memories and their bodies over. But ur show goes right be for someone dies and that cool cause it can give the ones that have been taken advantage of or hurt or if the deceased hurt someone they still have a chance to make it right

  2. I’m right now about to watch Season 1: 12, and I’m already going through with drawls. I sure hope Season 2 comes along pretty soon. Please. I really do like “Travelers.” I love all the Actors. And I can hardly wait.

  3. I stumbled on this show by mistake but what a good mistake. I remember a military saying” no plan survives contact with the enemy”. Their saying is ” no plan survives contact with the past” The twists and turns make it unpredictable and the clues you pick up along the way makes you wonder what the futures agenda really is.

  4. This is a wonderful series. Good acting, love the different characters , all well done an interesting. You can feel for each one’s situation and the life they took over. Love the series, do please get the next one done soon
    Thanks for the work, well done, and has to have a season 2 while everyone is so

  5. Finally an Awesome new Sci-Fishel! Definitely needs renewal! Loved it!!! Love the characters and the possibilities!

  6. I watched the entire season in 2 days. PLEASE don’t wait 11 months. Bring it back summer or sooner. I can’t wait 11 months. Philip is my favorite! All the characters rock! Completely addicted to this show!!!!!

  7. LOVE THE SHOW!!! I could do without all the GD’s in the show! But never the the less. I am DEFINITELY A HUGE FAN!!! Also DEFINITELY awaiting the next season! I just really hope. That the show IS NOT CUT! Like they do with so many others. Cause a awesome show like this comes out. An get fans hooked. An make us all really ticked. Cause they decide to end it WAY TO SOON. For what ever reason?! I mean. This show has a AWESOME storyline! Theres a good amount of everything in this show. Action, romance, suspense, plot twists, CREATIVITY IS CRAZY AWESOME!!! Doesnt matter what a person is in to?! This show has it all! An thats rare now a days. I was hooked after the 1st episode. So who ever is in charge of things? Better NOT END IT ANY TIME SOON! Cause the show WILL DO GREAT!

  8. We also watched S1 in only a few days and was quite impressed with the concept and characters. We did feel a little sad for Marcy and Dave when she was overwritten and lost that history and intimacy/love.
    Bring on S2 quickly.

  9. SEASON TWO SUMMER OF 2017 OR SOONER…SAME ACTORS A MUST!!! My husband and I LOVED the show and finished it in about four days….

  10. Please release the next episode as soon as possible. This show has been our addiction for the past couple weeks.

  11. Travelers was recommended by a friend one week ago. Just finished series one 5 days latee. Totally hooked. Great series, great story, now I find that season 2 isn’t a done deal! Netflix, get with it, we need a season 2 and more! Love this show!

  12. Definiately need season but I really hate to wait 11 months I wouldnt mine it would be back by February March this show is lit.

  13. Please bring the next season asap I just finished season one and can’t wait to see what’s next !!! LOVE THIS SHOW !

  14. Love this show. when will season 2 be released? excellent content, story plot, and very real stories about the travelers lives.

  15. Season 1 was good not great. The ending really left me to wonder who the good guys were. spoiler…
    Can AI really be associated with the good guys since it already has not been proven infallible, thus
    this leaves the same problem as Continuum had. Whereas, the rebel group turned out to be a good
    influence as long as they were allowed to work in conjunction with the Traveler’s in a civil manner.

  16. You cannot leave us hanging that long!!! This was a great
    show and Netflix was right in releasing it.
    Give us season 2 sooner than 11 months from now…PLEASE

  17. OMG! We marathon watched this show and we LOVE IT! MORE PLEASE! ASAP! I may have to find a 12 step program if it is cancelled!

  18. Such a great show. I am hooked. Have two more episodes to watch and then it’s over. Please please make a season two. Whoever writes for this program is a genius. What a concept and it could happen.

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