When Will Versailles Season 2 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is a very popular site that users are able to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows or find new favorites, instantly. Netflix is constantly adding new TV Shows and Movies for their users to stream instantly. With nearly every genre imaginable, Netflix users are able to pick and choose each time they visit the site which shows they want to watch with old options and new options alike. In addition to old favorites, Netflix also releases their own original TV show series. A popular show that’s not a Netflix original is Versailles.

Versailles is a show that will take its viewers to a different place in time and allow the viewers a glimpse into a setting that is much different than the one we are accustomed to now. The show Versailles focuses on the life of King Louis XIV and the chaos he encounters during his life as the king. During the pilot episode of the show, the viewers are given a brief synopsis of the life of King Louis XIV up until now. The synopsis includes information that is necessary for the viewers understanding of the show. All of the information is vital to the understanding of the events that unfold in the first season. The first season focuses on King Louis XIV and his life after his mother’s death. The setting for the first season is in Versailles. This show describes the struggles and triumphs this man goes through to be king and keep his subjects safe. As viewers finish up the final episode of season one, the begin asking themselves the question, “when will  Versailles season 2 be on Netflix”?

When Will Season 2 of Versailles Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

When Will Versailles Season 2 Be on Netflix

There is currently only one season of Versailles available on Netflix. After viewers have finished all of the ten episodes included in season one, they begin to wonder “when will Versailles season 2 be on Netflix”? In order to figure this answer out, we must look back at when Netflix released Versailles season 1, and in conjunction with this look at when Netflix has released second seasons of similar TV shows.  There is a gap of about 11 months between the premier of Versailles season 1 on Television and it’s release on Netflix. If Netflix follows the same pattern for the release of season 2 on Netflix the approximate Netflix release date for Versailles season 2 should be around September 2017. Comment below if you are ready for Versailles Season 2 to be on Netflix ASAP!