When Will ‘Wanted’ Season 3 Be Streaming on Netflix?

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Wanted is Netflix’s newest original series. Directed by Peter Templeman. If you are a fan of drama, crime, and action, this series is sure to keep you entertained. Within this article you will find a brief overview of Wanted along with the Netflix release date for season 3!

When Will 'Wanted' Season 3 Be Streaming on Netflix?

‘Wanted’ Series Overview

Wanted is Netflix’s newest original series. Wanted was is an Australian series that originally aired on Seven Network. Wanted tells the story of two complete strangers who intervene in a carjacking while waiting at a bus stop. During the carjacking police behave wrongly and murder. After witnessing the wrongful act, the two strangers must work together to avoid being framed for murder, must evade police across Australia. There are currently two seasons of Wanted streaming on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up season two, they will begin asking the big question “when will Wanted season 3 be available to stream on Netflix?

When Will Wanted Season 3 Be Available To Stream on Netflix?

With Wanted seasons one and two currently streaming on Netflix, and season 3 possibly on the horizon, subscribers have begun asking the big question “when will Wanted season 3 be available to stream on Netflix?” To answer this big question we must take a look at how Netflix handled the release of Wanted seasons one and two on Netflix. If we can identify a pattern in the data provided to us by our inside source within Netflix we will be able to accurately predict a Netflix release date for Wanted season 3. After reviewing the data, it has been found that there will likely be a ten month period of time between the premier of Wanted season 3 on Seven Network and the release of season 3 on Netflix. Using this data we can approximate a possible Netflix release date for Wanted season 3. Wanted season 3 should be available to stream on Netflix by late October 2018.

Wanted season 3 should be available to stream on Netflix by late October 2018.

Comment below if you are as excited as the cast of Wanted for season 3 on Seven Network. Also comment if you are excited to see Wanted season 3 streaming on Netflix ASAP!

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    1. yes please! didn’t go to work for two days because of this show and I make about 45 an hour. season 3 hurry up. best show on Netflix by far Wentworth was good too but this has the comedic relief Wentworth doesn’t! hire this rebecca lady as a writer full time Netflix!!!!!

      1. you just had to add in that you make $45 an hour. Who cares how much money you make. That is such a stupid thing to brag about to total strangers on a small article about a good show. Just amazingly lame. Really.

        1. I think her point was that she easily chose watching the show to making $$$. You took her out of context. 👎🏻 Why is there always someone with a negative comment?

        2. attitude dude. relax. maybe she meant she chose to binge watch wanted over making decent money. shes not bragging, shes just saying that the show is “too good” that she can let go earning 45/hr at work. please think before you misjudge. oh man what’s happening to this world

        3. Sounds like someone could be jealous. I thought what she said was appropriate, it means more than if she made $8 per hour.

        4. So, “your” here to talk about the show and I say, Good for her! >>> I love the show. Women who are Smart, Brave and Loyal to each other is why I kept watching. Bummed that I have to wait a whole year like the rest of the fans! That’s just wrong….some might not be interested in it by then. Not a cool move! I’ll wait though, there are a few other good shows to watch or rewatch. Don’t make us wait too long! M.

        5. I think you got it wrong. She was saying that to illustrate how much she loves the show; in other words, telling us she gave up $45.00 an hour to watch the show… That’s how much she loved it.

      2. Mindhunter, Alias Grace, Stranger Things 2, lots of others. Yea, I loved this series and waiting almost a year for season 3 sucks.

    2. PLEEEESE, GET THIS GOING NOW! FABULOUS SHOW! It’s the odd couple meets Thelma and Louise but way funnier! Great writing!
      Best show in a looong time! Kudos!

    3. I agree!!! I loved this series….I basically binge watched both seasons. Loved the soundtrack, too! It’s going to be a LONG wait until October 2018.

  1. I have just watched season 2 of Netflix wanted. i found it was a very good drama plenty to twists and turns good acting especially from the two main characters finding theme self’s getting deeper deeper in trouble with no fault of there own .l was a bit disappointed when It ended not knowing what happened to the two fugatives. This was one of the best Australian series I have seen. Hope season 3 will happen and not be canceled ? I’ll wait in anticipation.

    1. I agree; the ending was tough, a real cliffhanger. I love this smart and
      Clever thriller with terrific acting!
      Worth the wait for more good story

  2. My husband and I watched season one & two in 5 nights. We can’t wait until next October, that is to long. This is a very good show. Hope to see it on Netflix soon. The girls were great, plus the whole cast.

  3. The way the two actors played off of each other in keeping some tension was both fun to see as well as being thought-provoking.

  4. yes please! didn’t go to work for two days because of this show and I make about 45 an hour. season 3 hurry up. best show on Netflix by far Wentworth was good too but this has the comedic relief Wentworth doesn’t! hire this rebecca lady as a writer full time Netflix!!!!!
    LOLposting this on my college rugby team feed . sooo good

  5. LOLposting this on my college rugby team feed . sooo goodyes please! didn’t go to work for two days because of this show and I make about 45 an hour. season 3 hurry up. best show on Netflix by far Wentworth was good too but this has the comedic relief Wentworth doesn’t! hire this rebecca lady as a writer full time Netflix!!!!!
    LOLposting this on my college rugby team feed . sooo good

  6. 2018!!? I cant wait that long! Please please pleaseeeee have it available sooner! I just finished breaking night for two days straight to finish season 1 and 2!! Please don’t make me wait this long for season 3!

  7. I cannot wat another year for season 3⁉️ This show is awesome and I’m watching the
    AST show right now…. Pllllleeeese hurry.

  8. Omg. Oct.2018 a long time away.
    Will wait with baited interest. These ladies are very entertaining,
    believable and make u want more.

  9. OMGosh, Wanted reeled me in on the very first episode to the point that I watched both Seasons in 2 days!! Now, I’m so disappointed to know that I have to wait for another year to see Lola and Chelsea to clear their names!! The two actresses performance’s was astounding! Loved the script! The pawn shop robbery had me in stitches laughing so hard!! I could write a book why it should be rated a 5 Star!!!

  10. Please don’t make us wait that long!! We have to know what happens to Lola and Chelsea!! Best series on Netflix! Just loved it!!!

    1. I agree 100%!!. It’s by far the best…. There’s nothing on Netflix that you can compare to Wanted! Just my opinion!!

  11. Couldn’t stop watching! Excellent story with fabulous acting! Filming in all the countries
    so amazing….bring back Season 3 ASAP. Where have these actresses been hiding…the best!

  12. Wanted, From episode 1 season 1 through final episode season 2, this series totally held up! Looking forward to Season 3. In the meantime I can highly recommend the series to all my friends.


  13. Hoping Netflix pays attention to the demand for this show and keeps it going. Truly is a great show, finished both seasons this weekend. Great acting, drama, action with just enough comedy to still keep it on track. Shows like this are a rare find and I’m glad I found it ☺️

    1. Wanted proved you can have a 5 Star show without the sex, nudity, profanity, and lots of bloody gore that here in America is like a staple in almost all shows except some sitcom comedies or Disney shows! It’s like a breath of fresh air since I started watching British and Australian movies!!! Most all are similar in that aspect to Wanted!!

      1. I totally agree with you Velda. The underlying sexual tension in a few of the scenes is so well done and the romantic possibilities between different characters in this show – written so incredibly well! This show is just plain fantastic writing and acting, which I rarely find on American TV (which is humiliating, since I am American). Guess we’ll just have to keep watching great TV from other countries! Thank you Netflix

  14. This is one of the best shows I have watched on Netflix. Please I have just finished seasons 1&2. I would love to see season 3 and more ASAP.
    With the same actors and actresses.
    This show is a mazing!!!!

  15. Also hooked on first episode! Excellent series, well written, excellent cast! Amazing scenery! Can’t wait til October 2018! Favorite on Netflix! Please hurry with next epispdes!

  16. can’t say enough about this show.keeps you hooked until the next episode. i was upset that it only had 6 episodes to a season and then it kept us wanting more loved the actors, the youn policeman who finally saw what a crooked leader, and the two ladies were GREATCan hardly wait for 3. hope its soon do to my age(76)

  17. I absolutely loved this show ,the two main characters were amazing actresses ,they made it so real ,can’t wait for season 3 if there is one

  18. One of the best shows on Netflix. Waiting a year is a ridiculous amount of time. When Netflix does this, I get it elsewhere from someone in the country it airs on. Like Peeky Blinders (I didn’t wait and imported it from UK). I just think that if there’s a hit, Netflix should honor the viewers choices. I’m sick of binge watching and then waiting so long. Bad for business in the long run. Bring it back sooner!

  19. Would love season 3 as soon as possible. But if they don’t want to do a whole season, need to do a special about what happens with the two fugitives. Please wrap up loose ends.

  20. I love this show! I have a back injury and couch bound for a little while, this show has been a lifesaver. I watched seasons 1 & 2 in 2 days, I REALLY don’t want to wait 1yr for season 3. I am impressed with all aspects of this show, acting, writing, scenery, pace, large and small story arcs, …. and the comic relief!!! The show has truly been a treasure, can’t wait for season three! Netflix please, please, please hurry 😊

  21. Wanted (Season 1 & 2) were really great!! The actors were outstanding & the story line was creative & kept me coming back for more of this show!!! Please bring Wanted: Season 3 to Netflix ASAP!!! We love quality shows like this!

  22. GREAT characters and story line. Loved the pace at which it flowed. WANTED is on my List and cant wait for a season three.

  23. 10/2018….Holy crap! We just finished S2 tonite….thought it was gonna be Thelma and Louise there for a minute, whew, so relieved! First thing we did was look for proof of a season 3, but wow, that’s a long wait!

  24. Brilliant scripts, cast, production work, location scouting, acting & direction. A really stupendous job on all levels. Hollywood could learn something from this series. Impressive to see a case where the star – Rebecca Gibney – also created and co-produced it, without sacrificing quality on any level. What a shame to wait an entire year to see season 3. As a scriptwriter myself, it seemed clear the writers have left room for a very interesting season 3. Best hurry it up!!! We are all waiting. (PS And as a former actress, it is RARE to find a script with strong female leads, and one in her 40s, this compelling. As one reviewer said, why did we have to wait 25 years to see another Thelma & Louise?)

  25. My daughter and I binged watched in 2 days! We LOVED it! It’s like finishing an excellent book and waiting for the next….October 2018 seems so long! Thank you to the writers, actors and directors for all the intrigue!

  26. I’ve just finished 5 of six first season episodes. Even now, I don’t want to wait a year for season three of WANTED. I like the cast. I enjoy the story line. I find the quirky humor entertaining. What’s not to like?

  27. We get it Kay you make $45 an hour 👏 good for you? Didn’t really need to see how much money you make 3 times on the same thread but to each their own…
    I guess to you that’s good money? Hmm 😐

  28. I just binge watched the first two seasons and cannot wait for season 3!!! I hope it comes out sooner than October 2018!

  29. Started watching this and could not believe how action packed these seasons were 1 AND 2 . Can’t wait til season three (3) comes out in oct. 2018 wish this could be released earlier. Eager please release the 3rd season before oct. 2018.

  30. I kept thinking that if Thelma and Louise hadn’t driven over the cliff, they could have starred in this series and still been alive. GREAT series. Thankful that a third season is in the works. Go Lola and Chelsea and the creator/director/writer.

  31. Spoiler alert: I waited through 2 seasons and finally got to hear Lola give Chelsea the validation she so desperately needed when she told her she would want her daughter to have Chelsea’s bravery and loyalty. Second best moment: Lola and Chelsea affirming that they were one another’s “only friend”. Such awesome, emotional moments.

    Man disclaimer: I genuinely wasn’t crying, something was in my eye

  32. Beautiful show in every way! Just spent my weekend watching Season 2. Probably should have been more productive but was too addicted to the characters, the story, the scenery, everything! Too bad the Season 3 release is so far into 2018. 🙁

  33. Appreciate the fine casting of great actors and the script is fabulous! Fine things are often worth waiting for but I am old and hope I don’t die before Season 3 airs!
    Thank you Netflix for remarkable programming!❤️

  34. I love the show WANTED can’t wait for season 3 and 4 to come on , it has everything you could want in a show!! Love love it WANTED

  35. Are the drug companies paying to have Wanted made or what? I’m seriously going to have to consider taking an antidepressant if I have to wait 1 year for the show….

    1. Hilarious!! I too feel depressed to the point of contemplating about watching it again!! I’m trying to justify by thinking , maybe I missed a scene or two! 12 months of withdrawals!! Too long!!

  36. Loved the show! And what a shame to wait till 2018 oct :((((
    Perfect cast. Will was a surprise for me, I was expecting him to be worse 😬. Guess season 3 is gonna be about their life in jail, who knows may be there gonna be a break🤔

    P.S actually reading replies “ABOUT SHOW” is more attractive that reading stupid discussions about being jealous or earning money. Relax guys and let just know your opinion about the show, people watch the show based on your comments 🤔

  37. Can’t wait for season 3 of Wanted was Amazing! The cast was fabulous and this could literally be any average women waiting for a bus! This series is realistic live it hurry soon!

  38. Just finished watching Season 2, brilliant storyline. Had to write on my calendar for next year for season 3. Very refreshing to see a series without all the smut,sex etc. Still a lot of things to be answered, can’t wait for it to come back on Netflix.

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