When Will Z Nation Season 4 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

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Netflix is an extremely popular website that allows its subscribers to access their massive collection of movies and television shows. Netflix streams this content onto subscribers’ mobile devices in exchange for a small monthly fee. Anyone will enjoy the great selection of shows that are streaming on Netflix. Most of the content on Netflix was originally aired on television. The content on Netflix is of any genre you could ever want to watch. One of the most popular shows currently streaming on Netflix is the show Z Nation.

When Will Z Nation Season 4 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?
Z Nation is a great series for anyone who enjoys exciting and violent television shows. Z Nation depicts the journey of a group of zombie apocalypse survivors as they bring a man who survived the zombie virus across zombie infested territory in hopes that he may be the key to finding a vaccine. The show is full of action and violence. Click the link for the IMDb rating for Z Nation as well as a more thorough synopsis of the series.  There are currently only three seasons of Z Nation streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish up season 3 of Z Nation on Netflix, they will begin asking the big question “when will Z Nation season 4 be on Netflix?”

When Will Z Nation Season 4 Be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

Z Nation is a great show for anyone who loves zombie themed action television. There are currently three seasons of Z Nation streaming on Netflix. As subscribers finish up season 3 they will begin anticipating the release of Z Nation season 4 on Netflix. The question “when will Z Nation season 4 be on Netflix?” will be asked. To answer this question we must take a look at the premier dates of previous seasons of Z Nation on television and compare these dates to the release dates of the same seasons on Netflix. It was found that there is typically a six month period of time between the premier of a season of Z Nation on Syfy and the release date of the same season on Netflix. Using this pattern we can approximate the release date of Z Nation season 4 on Netflix. The premier date of Z Nation season 4 on television has not been confirmed by Syfy, however we expect season 4 to premier sometime around September 2017. This would mean that The Netflix release date for Z Nation season 4 will be right around March 2018. Comment below if you are ready to see Z Nation season 4 on Netflix ASAP!

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    1. imready now fucker i like this show so post it on netflix or i will come to your house and blow you and evrything of yours to ash.

      1. Dude calm down. I feel the same way but I love this show and I’m willing to wait a decade and yes I would remember cause this show is sooooo amazing. Also Please please don’t die in the next season 10k

  1. Forever long waits?! You took (Originals, VPD) 2 of my favorite shows from hulu and now I have to wait years to watch them. Not happy with Netflix or hulu. I’m extremely dissatisfied. Thinking about cancelling hulu and Netflix and getting the new youtube tv.

  2. Wow this is rediculous how long we have to wait. I would almost rather just pay for cable or getting youtube TV so I can watch all of my shows and not have to wait years to see the next season. That’s rediculous. I have watched so many great shows and I save them to my list but really how long are they there for before I re open them and start watching again? By that time I have to watch the previous season just to remember where I was at when I stopped watching! I used to love netflix and now it’s just making me angry. I think netflix should speed things up a bit. Having to wait till the next year after the release is rediculous.

  3. Man, I just finished season 3, minutes ago, and to read this saying that the next season won’t be back on Netflix until a whole year from now is absolute BS. Both SyFy and Netflix need to coordinate better and get more seasons out at a quicker pace. Thinking about canceling Netflix because this seems to happen with all of the shows I f***ing like.

  4. Please please please bring this show z nation out NOW. WE friggin pay to watch Netflix so let’s make it worth it.

  5. A whole year huh? Rediculous! I agree with everyone else on this issue. We pay for Netflix so we can watch these shows. I’ll pay for something else that actually works quicker…. YouTube TV perhaps? Netflix has gone down hill these days. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

  6. Come on it shouldn’t and doesn’t take two years to produce thirteen episodes of a show! Get real and get faster internet…..or editors!!!!!!

  7. Really looking forward to seeing series 4. As a single mum with young child it’s nice to be able to indulge myself after little one is asleep.

  8. I am super stoked to watch. Plus it starts a month before I start my seasonal job 😁 woooo hooo im sure it’ll be binge watched the moment it comes on lol hopefully i wont have to wait for episides.

  9. I just sat and watched z nations first 3 seasons and I love it…. Sat for 4 days n watched nothing but z nation besides working… I just missed the entire 4 season on cable the last one was Dec 22… And I am pissed I can’t wait til March 2018 … Please bring it sooner to Netflix

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