Where Do You Use Social Media?

Social media started out being websites that people visited to meet people and talk to friends. But now that phones give you the capability to use social media you don’t have to go to the computer anymore you just turn on your phone and it gives you all of your notifications. There is really no reason to use a computer, other than to have a keyboard and a bigger screen, that’s all the computer has to add to the experience. Before I got my cromebook I did all my social media on my phone. It started with instagram and has expanded to include Twitter and Google plus. Now I use Google plus more than any other. The reason I got started with instagram is because it was fast and easy. I think that is the main perk of using social media on a mobile platform. Facebook reported that seventy present of its users use it on mobile. This is just because people don’t have the time to just sit on a computer and dedicate time specifically to social media. They would rather check their feed while walking to their favorite food stand. Its all about speed and saving time now. What do you prefer Mobile or Computer?

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