Where to Fish – Hasentree Club Pond Wake Forest, North Carolina

North Carolina has some of the best fishing spots you can find. In particular, Wake Forest has some great spots for you to catch fish. In this article you will find the best fishing spots in Wake Forest, North Carolina. We will also tell you which fishing lures and baits are best to use at these places.

Hasentree Club Pond Wake Forest, North Carolina

The Hasentree club pond is located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. In this pond, you can catch anything from bass, crappie, bluegill, or catfish. There are plenty of shore fishing spots located around the Hasentree pond in Wake Forest, NC. You can also put a kayak or small boat into the pond and fish from there. This would be useful if you want to get to the harder to reach parts of the pond. There is easy access to this body of water, as you can park on the side of the road next to it. This is one of the few stocked ponds in the Wake Forest area so you want to make use of it. There is a bridge at the end of the pond that adds nice structure to fish around. Not only is there a bride, but they have also added man-made structures which makes fishing the pond more convenient. The path that goes around the pond is also a nice feature that makes this pond rank higher in the best spots to fish in Wake Forest, NC.

Fishing Hasentree Club Pond Wake Forest North Carolina

Best Fishing Lures to Use in Wake Forest, NC

Depending on the fish you are trying to catch, there are numerous lures to choose from. If you are a bass fishermen, you want to use plastic worms or the classic crank bait or spinner. For catfish use fresh cut bait or worms. Many people have had success using a simple hot dog on a hook.


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