Who is The Missing Boy in the New Show ‘Dark’ on Netflix?

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Dark has become one of the most popular Netflix original series. This German series is very interesting and has become extremely popular in a short amount of time. Could this be due to the similar style that Dark shares with Stranger Things? Within this Article we will discuss the actors who play the main characters in Dark. 

Cast of ‘Dark’ on Netflix

Dark has a very interesting plot line that is very reminiscent of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things. There is a lot of great new talent in Dark that you may have never heard of. Below you will find a list of the actors who play the biggest characters in Netflix’s new original series Dark.

Oliver Masucci (Ulrich Nielson)

Karoline Eichhorn (Charlotte Doppler)

Jördis Triebel (Katharina Nielson)


Who Is the Missing Boy in The Show ‘Dark’ on Netflix?

Who is The Missing Boy in the New Show 'Dark' on Netflix?

As you skim the cast in search of an actor to play the missing boy you will find that you cannot find one. You may find yourself asking “who are the missing children in the show Dark from Netflix?” In season one of the Netflix original series Dark, there is only mention of the missing young boy. What we do know is that the missing boy is the younger brother of Ulrich Nielson and has been missing for quite some time. The missing child’s name is Mads and the search for him is what drives the plot of season one.

Will Ulrich Find Mads in ‘Dark’ Season 2?

Despite all the secrets dug up in the search for Mads, and the mayhem caused by the discovery of these secrets, the missing boy was not found. The question that arises from the finale of season one is “will Ulrich Find Mads in season 2?” There is no telling as of now how the plot of Dark will develop in season 2.

Comment below how you think Dark season 2 will unfold and if you think they will find Mads.

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