Why Getting Authorship From Google Is Important

Have you ever searched something and seen links to articles in the search results with a picture of the author. Have you ever wondered how they achieved this. It actually isn’t that hard. It is achieved by getting authorship from Google. When you get authorship your content will be favored over everybody else’s and rank higher in search. Which in turn will get you more page views and ultimately more clicks on advertisements. When Its all said and done you get more money. The hard part is linking your blog or website to your Google plus account. To do this you have to type in a special code into the about me section of your blog. It is hard to explain so I will just put a link to a website that describes exactly how to do it. Another key part to getting authorship is having a recognizable picture of your face on your Google profile.

Once you have authorship you will start ranking higher in search. This will play a key role in marketing your content. Another thing you can do to market your content is to use communities  . These will also help you market your content and help you find information to create more content. It is okay to join more than one community that is about the same thing. This will only increase your knowledge on the subject and make your content better. Another tip I will give you is to add an image. Learn more

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