Why Is It Important To Join Communities?

When Google plus first released communities, I really did not see the purpose other than to bring people with a similar interest together. But the truth is, it is the bringing together people with a similar interest that makes communities so powerful. All of these people are in one place already gathered to see what you want to share weather it be something you found interesting, something you are doing, or content. All of these people that you already know will have at least some interest in what you are sharing. That is why communities are so great for marketing your, or others, content. You know that somebody is going to look into what you shared. Where as when you share to public half the people that see it will just look at it and say, “what?”
If you are going to share to public it has to be something that everybody can appreciate.

So when you Are looking to join some communities look for communities that look interesting, or that you think will contain a good audience for your content. It is a good idea to join multiple communities on the same subject that way if someone happens to post something before you, you have options. Then just post and share away.

Another reason why you should join communities is to get followers.    Learn more