Why Isn’t The Sound Playing on my Instagram Videos?

There have been reports across the country and around the world that the sound on Instagram videos is not working or is cutting out halfway through the video. Within this article we will investigate the cause of this problem and how to fix the sound on Instagram videos. 

Why Isn't The Sound Playing on my Instagram Videos?

Why Won’t The Sound Play on Instagram Videos?

Instagram users around the world have encountered a very annoying problem with their Instagram feeds recently. Many users have reported that the sound in videos has been shutting off halfway through the video. This phenomena is very annoying and has really caused an uproar. There could be a number of causes for this problem ranging from connection issues to just a bug that will need to be fixed by Instagram. Whatever the cause, there needs to be a fix.

How to Fix the Sound on Instagram Videos

Unfortunately there is no way for an Instagram user to solve the problem with Instagram video sound on their own. You can try to close out the app completely and restart the application but in our research we found that this was not effective. For the most part the problem with the the sound on Instagram is within the app itself and cannot be fixed by reposting a video or tinkering with any settings. This bug is extremely annoying and hopefully Instagram comes out with a fix soon.

In some cases it may just be that your sound is turned down on your phone. Make sure that you have the volume turned up and you tap the video to activate the sound on the video. Instagram’s help page offers some tips on how to turn the sound on an Instagram video on and off but does not solve the problem of sound shutting off halfway through the videos.

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