Will Eleven (El) be In Stranger Things Season 2?

The television show stranger things is a show that displays the life of a few small town kids who encounter a strange series of events. 

The first season of stranger things had a few twists that kept viewed entertained. One of the best loved characters from season one of stranger things was eleven or el. Eleven was a science experiment created by Hawkins laboratory. El was created by forcing a woman to take lsd repeatedly during her pregnancy. Her child (eleven) then was born with special powers such as telekinesis. Eleven escaped Hawkins when she accidentally opened a portal or gate to the upside down. Sadly at the end of season eleven faced off with with the demagorgon, a monster from the upside down. Eleven faces the demagorgon to protect Mike. Before El faces the demagorgon she turns to mike and says “goodbye mike”. Shortly after saying this the demagorgon monster exploded and eleven dissapears. 

Will Eleven (El) be In Stranger Things Season 2?

At the end of stranger things season one in Netflix it seemed as though el might be gone. However, there are some hints that may show that eleven is still alive. If eleven survived the confrontation with the demagorgon monster, she might be in season 2 of stranger things. 

After eleven seems to vanish in season one of stranger things, there is a hint that shows that eleven may still be alive. In the epilogue scenes there is a scene in which hopper is walking through the woods with eggos in a plastic bag. He places the eggos into a wooden box in the woods. In the show stranger things eleven is the only character that likes eggos. So hopper is obviously trying to take care of eleven if she is still alive. However, hops actions could be in vain if she is gone. I personally think that they would not waste the time with the eggo scene if they didn’t plan on including eleven’s return. Whether or not el is in season two of stranger things will remain a mystery. Comment below if you want eleven to be in season two of stranger things. 

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