Will Peter Rabbit be on Hulu?

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Will Peter Rabbit be on Hulu?

One of the top Family friendly movies of 2018 is the classic story Peter Rabbit. As Hulu subscribers continue to hear great things about this film, the question is raised “will Peter Rabbit be on Hulu?”

First, lets look at what Peter Rabbit is all about…

Will Peter Rabbit be on Hulu?

Peter Rabbit was released February 9th, 2018 as a modern adaption of the classic story written by Beatrix Potter. This fun film tells the story of a mischievous young rabbit named Peter who tries to sneak into a farmer’s vegetable garden.

Peter Rabbit is a must watch for anyone who loves a good, lighthearted, family movie. As the movie Peter Rabbit makes its way out of theaters, Hulu subscribers have begun asking the question “when will Peter Rabbit be on Hulu?”

When Will Peter Rabbit be on Hulu? Hulu Release Date?

I think a majority of Hulu subscribers would agree with me when I say that Peter Rabbit would make a great addition to Hulu’s collection of family friendly movies. Who wouldn’t agree with this? The question is “when will Peter Rabbit be on Netflix?”

Will Peter Rabbit be on Hulu?

In order to decide whether or not Peter Rabbit will be on Hulu, we must consider a few pieces of data. First, subscriber demand. And second, critic ratings. In the case of Peter Rabbit, both of these pieces of criteria would indicate that we should see the movie on Netflix. Although Hulu has made no official announcement regarding the release of Peter Rabbit, I would be very surprised if Peter Rabbit was not added to Hulu. The question is when?

Although it is hard to approximate a Hulu release date for a movie, we can still approximate a possible Hulu release date for Peter Rabbit. Most movies similar to Peter Rabbit experienced a sixteen month period of time between their premier in theaters and their release on Hulu. If Peter Rabbit follows this trend, like we expect it to, we can predict a possible Hulu release date.

Peter Rabbit should be on Hulu by August 20th, 2019.

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