Will Snapchat Ever Get New Features?

Snapchat has established itself as the fastest way to share pictures but I have some problems with it.
1. You can only view pictures for 10 seconds.
2. You can only send a picture to one person.
These problems make the app annoying to use when you try to share a picture for more than one person, or if you want to share a picture sent to you with friends. But I guess that also protects people so that their pictures don’t get taken and shared when they don’t want them to. A feature I would like to see is the ability to send a picture to more than one person. I would also like to see a feature that allows you to see certain pictures as long as you need to. Wink already has all of these problem solved. The only problem with Wink is that nobody uses it yet. So I am stuck with snapchat and its problems. It works but it could be better.

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