Will The Show Westworld Ever Be on Netflix?

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Whet it comes to choosing your movie and television show streaming site, there are two big choices to choose from. Netflix has traditionally been more popular with the younger demographics while HBO Now has been more popular with older demographics. Both Netflix and HBO Now have their own unique original content. HBO Now has shows such as Game of Thrones and Westworld while Netflix has a number of shows that you would not know of unless you have a Netflix subscription. Shows like this include Stranger Things, The OA, and The Ranch. However, despite having hours and hours of content, Netflix subscribers still find themselves craving new content. A lot of Netflix viewers would be very interested in the show Westworld that is available on HBO Now.

Will The Show Westworld Ever Be on Netflix?
Westworld is a show about a futuristic and fantastic theme park that lets its guests live out their wildest fantasies. This is accomplished with the help of an enormous staff of robots that create wild make believe worlds that guests enter to live out certain scenarios. In particular the show focuses on the fantasy created for a wild west loving pair of guests who are taking part in a wild west simulation. When the theme park malfunctions, the pair finds themselves trapped in their simulation being tailed by a robot with intentions that are not in the pair’s best interest. This show has brought in tens of thousands of views and has caught the attention of Netflix subscribers across the country. They have begun asking the question “Will Westword Ever be on Netflix?”

Will Westworld Ever Be on Netflix? Westworld Show on Netflix? 

There are thousands of Netflix subscribers who have asked the question “will Westworld ever be on Netflix?” To answer this question we must look at the situation from a business perspective for HBO Now and Netflix. If Netflix were to acquire Westworld from HBO Now, it would not come without a price tag. Westworld is one of HBO Now’s top shows and if Netflix wanted rights to stream it through their site, they would have to pay a very pretty penny to HBO. This does not mean that it is impossible for Westworld to be on Netflix. If Netflix waits for the hype around Westworld to die down a bit with the HBO crowd, a deal may be struck with HBO granting Netflix streaming rights to Westworld. A series like West world would be a big gain for Netflix. Similar science fiction series’ have been very successful on Netflix. The story behind Westworld is well thought out and would be very popular with the Netflix Crowd. It will be interesting to see if Netflix can ever get their hands on Westworld, or if they just try to create something similar to Westworld like they created an animated series very similar to Archer. Only time will tell us the answer to these questions. But for now the answer to the question “will Westworld ever be on Netflix?”, is not in the near future. Comment below if you want to see Westworld, or a show similar to Westworld on Netflix as soon as possible!

Shows Similar to Westworld on Netflix

Unfortunatley the show Westworld will not be streaming on Netflix in the near future. However, there are some other good science fiction series’ streaming on Netflix. Below you will find a list of shows similar to Westworld that you may enjoy.Stranger Things and The OA are the most similar shows to Westworld, however, there are some movies that may spark your attention too. Arq is a great movie for anyone who is into science fiction movies with a great story and an interesting concept. A reminder to make sure you comment below if you are interested in Westworld streaming on Netflix, the more we show Netflix demand, the more likely it is to happen!