Will There Be a Season 3 of Stranger Things? Season 3 Release Date

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Stranger Things is one of the hottest shows on Netflix. Stranger things is a Netflix Original which means that the show is written and produced by Netflix for Netflix. The show is about a strange little town where things start to get a little crazy. If you have not seen season one of stranger things and you don’t want it spoiled skip the second paragraph. In paragraph three I will discuss season 3 of stranger things.

In season one of stranger things we are emerged into the strange lives of citizens of a small town. Throughout the season things seem to get more and more strange right up until the season finale where most of the conflicts were resolved. However season one left some loose ends that leave some viewers asking questions. With season two of stranger things on the horizon, fans are looking forward to having their questions about season one answered. Based on how Netflix has been running their original series releases, It is almost a sure thing that there will be a Stranger Things Season 3. Season 2 of stranger things is sure to leave some loose ends that could be tied up with a third season. I certainly hope that is the case. I am already ready for season 2 to be released.

Will There Be a Season 3 of Stranger Things? 2017

Stranger things will be filming a second season for sure. There are already titles to all nine episodes that are to be released with season 2. We know that season 2 of stranger things will be released sometime in 2017. However, we do not have a specific date. So we can either look for season two of stranger things to come out around July 2017 or maybe a little earlier.

Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date 

Season three of stranger things has not yet been confirmed, but there is some good reasons why we believe that there will be a third season of stranger things. The first reason is that every single Netflix original series has had multiple seasons. Plus, if fans are still craving more, there is more profit to be made. Netflix recently made the announcement that there will be a season 3 and 4 of their original series Narcos. All of this points to the real possibility that we will have more stranger things on our plate after season 2. I would predict that the release date of season 3 of stranger things on Netflix is going to be in either late 2017, or more likely be released in July 2018. I look forward to these next episodes of stranger things being streamed on Netflix. Comment below if you can’t wait for season 3 of stranger things to be announced.

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