Will There Be A Second Season of DEVILMAN: crybaby Released on Netflix?

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Netflix has really done a good job of producing great original anime series over the past few years. 2018 is no exception. On January 5th, 2018 Netflix released a new original anime series titled Devilman Crybaby. This series has already received great ratings from some of the nation’s top critics.

Here is what Devilman Crybaby is all about….

Devilman Crybaby is Netflix’s newest original animated series. This show depicts what happens when a timid boy is persuaded to enter a battle with recently awoken demons that are threatening humanity by his friend Ryo. This series is full of action and even has some elements of horror. There is currently only one season of Devilman Crybaby available to stream on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up the tenth and final episode of season one the question is raised: “will Netflix release Devilman Crybaby season 2?”

Will Netflix Renew DEVILMAN: crybaby for season 2?

In order to determine if Devilman Crybaby will be renewed for a second season we must look at the reception of this series by both subscribers on Netflix and critics. Critics thought highly of season one and gave it well above average ratings. Subscribers were not as happy with the series, specifically the quality of the animation and the hollow storyline. Despite this most of the reviews were over three stars. At this point we have heard no official word from Netflix regarding the release of a second season of Devilman Crybaby. As of now it seems as if it will be a toss up whether or not the series is renewed for season 2.

Now the question arises…”when will Devilman Crybaby season 2 be released on Netflix if it is renewed?”

When Will DEVILMAN: crybaby Season 2 be Released on Netflix?

As subscribers finish the single season of Devilman Crybaby that is currently available on Netflix, they will begin asking the question “when will Devilman Crybaby season 2 be released on Netflix?” To answer this question we must take a look at how Netflix handled the release of subsequent seasons of similar series in the past. If we can find a pattern in this data we will be able to approximate a possible Netflix release date for season 2. After conducting some research it has been found that there is typically a twelve month period of time between the release of new seasons of series similar to Devilman Crybaby. If Devilman Crybaby follows this same trend we can expect to see season 2 available on Netflix by January 25th, 2019.

DEVILMAN: crybaby (season 2) should be available to stream on Netflix by January 25th, 2019.

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3 thoughts on “Will There Be A Second Season of DEVILMAN: crybaby Released on Netflix?”

  1. I REALLY hope that there will be a second season of devilman crybaby as it was FREAKING AWESOME, a bit confusing at the start but I felt that it should have gone on for another 3 episodes at LEAST, I always love a good heaven hell story and this checked ALL the atoms in, in all the boxes for me! Thank you NETFLIX for an amazing story (even if some don’t understand it, I did)

  2. I am hoping there is second season I have gotten into it its interesting and very intense wanting more hope there will be a second season soonπŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’

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