Will There Be a Second Season of Slasher?

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The Canadian television show slasher was originally aired on Chiller, a television channel that specializes in horror, thriller, and suspenseful productions. The show stars Katie McGrath who plays a young woman returning to her home town for the first time since her family underwent a tragic event. The show Slasher depicts the happenings in the young woman’s life after she moves back to her small hometown. Im not going to spoil the specifics of the show. If you are simply here to find out if there will be a second season of slasher, scroll down to the last paragraph. If you want more of a backstory for the possibility of a second season of slasher continue reading below.

Why Might There Be a Second Season of Slasher?

The show slasher left us with an ending that was less than adequate. We never find out what happens to Sara in end. We are left with the police barging into the house with her holding the blade she used to kill Cam (the executioner), with Cam’s lifeless body lying on the floor next to her. Did Sara get arrested? Did Sara get away with murdering sam. This show could transition to the legal side of does Sara get into trouble for killing cam at the end of slasher season one. Another strange piece to the puzzle that is “will there be a second season of slasher?” is the final scene of the first season of slasher. In this scene there is a family looking for a house to purchase. The family has a young blonde daughter who, upon arrival to the house, kills a cat that is roaming in the yard. This action can be seen as a sign that this girl may end up becoming the next cereal killer in Sara’s hometown. So there are a few possibilities for the plot of the second season of slasher. The first possibility would depict Sara’s life after the murder. I believe that this will not happen because the show went ahead and introduced a new set of characters. This is where the second possibility comes into play. The second season of slasher could show the doings of the little blond girl at the end of season one of slasher. She could become the town’s next serial killer. Another possibility is another season with the same black masked killer with different victims. No matter the plot, season two of slasher will not disappoint. I have complete confidence that the writers for the show will do an amazing job producing a quality second season of slasher.

Will There Be A Slasher Season 2?

Will There Be Another Season Of Slasher?

The Likelihood that there will be a second season of the show slasher is iffy at the moment. The writers have created plenty of opportunity to create a season 2 of slasher, whether or not they actually film a second season is up in the air. I personally believe that they would benefit greatly from a slasher season 2. Season one of slasher is currently on Netflix and is receiving plenty of viewers daily. These viewers are interested in a second season to fill their binge watching sessions with fresh content. I hope that season 2 of slasher is announced so I can start preparing my popcorn now. If you think there should be another season of slasher please comment below to help get the word out that slasher season 2 is in demand.


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  1. Extremely fantastic series, I hope the channel gets their money together for a second season. That would be great.

  2. I just finished season one and loved it! It was mouth dropping. Great writing. Great story. Great casting. Hope there’s a season 2.

  3. Me and my sister were obssessed sooo adficting great show 2nd idea sounds awesime really hope theres another season around the corner i love this type of show i can watch for hrs lol

  4. I loved Slasher Season 1 … I can’t wait to see Slasher Season 2. My daughter and I are waiting for Session 2

  5. Just got done watching season 1 of slasher what a great show … Can’t wait for season 2 to come out !

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