Will There Be a The Big Bang Theory Season 11?

When it comes to comedy television there are plenty of shows you could tune in to. One of my personal favorite comedy television shows is the Big Bang Theory. This show depicts the lives of a few nerds who work at a university in Pasadena, California. The characters use their book smarts to excel in the work place, but in the real world they rely on what little street smarts they have and their wittiness to survive; and it is absolutely hilarious. The release date of the tenth season of the show The Big Bang Theory was recently announced. Season ten of the big bang theory will premier on CBS at eight o’clock pm on September 19th. Season 10 of the big bang theory is going to be a huge season for the show. It is said that Lenard and Penny’s wedding will be featured in season 10 of the big bang theory. The big question that fans are asking already is “will the big bang theory season 10 be the last season of the big bang theory?”

Will The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Be The Last Season of The Big Bang Theory?

When it comes to answering questions regarding the longevity of the show the big bang theory, we have to look behind the scenes. All of the actors in The big bang theory have contracts to be on the show. Being that the show has been going on for ten seasons now, some of those contracts are ending and new contracts must be signed to keep the actors. Depending on how much money the actors want the contracts may be renewed for a new seasons. If the actors from the show want too much money the show will be forced to finish. However, if the actors don’t ask for too much compensation, and the fans stay loyal to the show, there will be a season 11 of the big bang theory.

Will There Be a Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory

Whether or not there is a season eleven of the big bang theory will depend on how much money the actors want and whether or not the show is in demand. Fortunately it seems as though fans of the big bang theory cannot get enough. So there is one check. The other stipulation is that the actors renew their contracts with a reasonable amount of compensation. Based on what I’ve read about the actors, they are all having a ball filming season ten of the big bang theory. If the actors seem to still be having fun filming the show this could be an indication that they won’t expect a major increase in pay in a new contract. They may agree on the same amount of compensation. These are all good things for big bang theory fans who are looking forward to seeing the show continue. I hope that the big bang theory continues on for as long as possible. Comment below if you want to see more seasons of The Big Bang Theory on CBS.

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