When Will Tientsin Mystic Season 2 be on Netflix?

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When Will Tientsin Mystic Season 2 be on Netflix?

Netflix’s collection of international content has exploded in recent months. One of the newest international series on Netflix is the show Tientsin Mystic. Some subscribers have already begun asking the question “when will Tientsin Mystic season 2 be on Netflix?”

Before we can answer this question lets go over what Tientsin Mystic is all about…

When Will Tientsin Mystic Season 2 be on Netflix?

Tientsin Mystic is a series that tells the story of a police man who must track down a deadly force that has been plaguing the riverside town. If you have an interest in crime television I highly recommend that you give the show Tientsin Mystic a watch.

Tientsin Mystic has received outstanding ratings from both critics and Netflix subscribers. This is good for fans of the show because it will increase the likelyhood of the show being renewed for season 2. If Tientsin Mystic is renewed for season 2, I would expect to see it make its way to Netflix. The question is when?

When Will Tientsin Mystic Season 2 be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

If Tientsin Mystic is in fact renewed for season 2, subscribers on Netflix will be anxious to see the new episodes on Netflix. In order to determine a possible Netflix release date for Tientsin Mystic season 2, we must take a look at how Netflix handled the release of the first season of the series.

When Will Tientsin Mystic Season 2 be on Netflix?

Season one of Tientsin Mystic experienced an eight month period of time between the premier of season one on television and the release of season one on Netflix. If season 2 follows this same trend, we should be able to accurately predict a possible Netflix release date.

Tientsin Mystic (season 2) should be on Netflix by March 10th, 2019.

This is not the official Netflix release date for season 2, it is only an approximation.

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  1. So happy Netflix picked Tientsin Mystic up. Ever since it was released, I’ve been waiting for English subs. I watched through all of it and it’s so good. Bring on season 2!!!

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