Witch With Hat Halloween Snapchat Lens Filter 2016

Snapchat lenses and filters are now used to celebrate holidays around the world. With Halloween right around the corner, snapchat has begun producing halloween themed snapchat lenses and filters. Lenses range from a Vampire snapchat lens to a Witch snapchat lens.

Witch With Hat Halloween Snapchat Lens Filter 

Halloween means dressing up, however, dressing up can be a hassle. Snapchat makes it easy to dress up for halloween by creating snapchat lenses that turn you into almost anything you could think of. One of the most recent Halloween snapchat lenses is the Witch Snapchat filter. This filter turns you into a witch with a hat and make up. The witch halloween snapchat lens works by adding a large black animated witch hat to your head. The hat is topped with a jewel and has a gold buckle on the side of it. The lens also gives you dark purple lip stick as well as mascara and eye shadow. All of these components contribute to turning you into a witch. The witch lens is available for halloween 2016. Comment below what you think of the witch snapchat lens 2016.

Happy Snapping!