X-Men Apocolypse Snapchat Lenses – All The Mutant Snapchat Lenses 

Today, Monday May 3rd 2016, snapchat removed all of the usual snap chat lenses and replaced them with multiple sponsored snapchat lenses that are sponsored by the movie x-men Apocolypse. The lenses allow snapchat users to turn themselves into mutants from the movie xmen Apocolypse. There are a total of nine snapchat lenses and they are all mutants. 

All the Mutant Snapchat Lenses 

Below you will find a list of all of the X-men Apocolypse mutant snapchat lenses along with an image of the lenses applied. 

The Beast Snapchat Lens 

Apocolypse Snapchat Lens 

Magneto Snapchat Lens 

Nightcrawler Snapchat Lens 

Storm Snapchat Lens 

Mystique Snapchat Lens 

What are the rest of the xmen Apocolypse snapchat lenses?Comment the names of the mutants that aren’t titled below. 

Happy Snapping!