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Snapchat filters have been used to promote anything from movies to shoes. Now the music industry is taking its swing at marketing with sponsored snapchat filters. Apple Music has sponsored a snapchat filter marketing drakes new album “my views”

Drake is an extremely popular hip hop pop artist who has been known for a number of popular songs. He has released a number of albums that have established him as one of the best hip hop artists alive today. His most recent album is being released today, April 29th. The album will be listened to by millions. The drake album “my views” will be available on the Apple iTunes Store. Below you will find a description of the drake my views snapchat filter along with an image of the filter. 

Drake My Views Apple Music Snapchat Filter Overview

The drake my views Apple Music snapchat filter allows snapchat users to celebrate the release of drakes new album “my views”. The filter consists of a number of eyes scattered around the screen. At the bottom of the screen there is an Apple Music logo with “drake” below it. At the top of the filter you will find text that reads “my views” with Drake sitting in the S in views. The filter also applies a grey filter to your image.

Make sure you download the album and let me know what you think about it by commenting below. 

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